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【Boxed】SkyWatcher EVOSTAR 150DX Apochromatic Telescope Lens Maintenance Complete For Sale

【Boxed】SkyWatcher EVOSTAR 150DX Apochromatic Telescope Lens Maintenance Complete

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【Boxed】SkyWatcher EVOSTAR 150DX Apochromatic Telescope Lens Maintenance Complete:

Sky-WatcherEVOSTAR 150DX

Apochromatic Telescope Sky-WatcherEVOSTAR 150DX. The lens and telescope was fully maintained by a professional (please see photos #7 and #8). Cleaning and alignment of lenses, interior of telescope, focusing system, etc fully maintained and inspected in September 2021. Never used after that date (according to previous owner).

The lot includes the Optical Tube, Dovetail, Rings, Carry Case and M48 extension for photo capture.

Item Size for Bundling: This item cannot be bundled.

Product Condition

Used product. Near mint condition. There might be some tiny marks of use in the OTA, barely perceptible.

Other information


We can be contacted at any time through eBay messages if you have any questions, comments or product requests. We will respond to you within 24~48 hours and do our best to help you out! We encourage our customers to contact us with any questions or concerns! We'd like to be sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase.

Payment PayPal or Credit Card payment are accepted. Shipping

This item will be shipped worldwide 5 to 7 days after payment confirmation. Due to current world situation, some delays in shipping on handling could happen.

Export Customs in Japan require your phone number. Without it, we cannot ship your product/s.

If you want to purchase and bundle several of our items, please contact us before you buy. You can have a discount for bundled items!


You buy all our products under your own responsibility. We try our best to describe and photograph as best as possible. The condition, quantity, quality and any other relevant detail is clearly described.

As for products meant to be restored/for pieces, we also clearly specify.

Never hesitate to contact us if you have any question about the product.

Most of our products are second hand vintage products. We cannot guarantee any future functioning. We try our best to send products in working order, but due to their age, they may be prone to failure any time.

If you have any doubt about buying old electronics that could fail any time even without a possible repair, please, refrain from purchasing.

All our products are sterilized outside and internally with UVC light before packing.

You will get what you can read in the Pack Contents in the description. Most of the time, this is also what you see in the images, but sometimes some background objects, decorations, etc. could appear in the images. In that case, please ALWAYS refer to the description. Unless stated otherwise, screens, monitors or TVs shown in the pictures are NOT included in the packs. They are only shown as a proof that the product works.

If you have any doubt, question or request, please contact us. We can also work under customer request. Send us a message with the product that you need, and we will find it for you.

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