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1.25inch Color Astro Filters Set (6 Pieces) for Astronomical Telescopes Ocular For Sale

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1.25inch Color Astro Filters Set (6 Pieces) for Astronomical Telescopes Ocular:

1.25inch Color Astro Filters Set (6 Pieces) for Astronomical Telescopes Ocular The # 21 orange-orange filter blocks blue and green wavelengths, enhancing the details of Toyone and Jupiter's cloud belts. On Mars, it ens the boundary between orange and green areas.# 12 yellow-yellow filter improves contrast to lunar craters; Mars, channels and polar caps become more obvious. Jupiter and debate, contrast is enhanced on the blue ammonia cloud belt.# 23 Red-red filter blocks shot almost blue and green light, you have a very strong contrast, for example, between a blue toned structure and bright details on the clouded surface of Jupiter and Saturn. However, this filter is mainly used to observe Mars polar caps.# 82A Light Blue-The light blue filter is suitable for observing the moon, Mars, Jupiter, and discussion. This filter is often used with others, which improves contrast in dim areas without affecting the brightness of the planet.# 56 Light Green-The bright green filter is perfect for observing ice caps in martian sandstorms on Mars and Mars surfaces. It also improves the contrast of red and blue structures in Jupiter's atmosphere.MOON & SKYGLOW-Violet filters are useful when observing polar regions on Mars and completely block red, yellow and green light. With larger telescopes (more than the 12 inch), it can also distinguish some structures in the atmosphere of venus.Color: picture colorMaterial: aluminum alloy + optical glassSize: 13.5 * 7 * 6 cm Package Contents:1 x 12 Yellow Filter1 x 21 Orange Filter1 x 23 Red Filter1 x 56 Green Filter1 x 82 Blue Filter1 x Moon & Sky Glow Filter1 x aluminum box
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