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90mm x 660mm Refractor Alt-Az AZ telescope w/ phone adapter slow motion cables For Sale

90mm x 660mm Refractor Alt-Az AZ telescope w/ phone adapter slow motion cables

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90mm x 660mm Refractor Alt-Az AZ telescope w/ phone adapter slow motion cables:


SpectrumOptical Instruments (SpectrumOI) 90mm AZ Refractor Telescope Kit with ViewFinder, Single-arm Alt-Az Mount, Slow Motion Control Cables, Tripod, 3x Eyepieces,Diagonal, Barlow Lens, Smart Phone Adapter and Bluetooth Shutter.


4mm1.25’’ Eyepiece, 10mm 1.25’’ Eyepiece, 20mm 1.25’’ Eyepiece, Red Dot View Finder,erect-image diagonal, 2X Barlow Lens, Adjustable Full-Length Aluminum Tripod,Smart Phone Adapter, Bluetooth Shutter, and one-year limited warranty.


Spectrum Optical Instruments’ ST-AZ60 series is the perfecttelescope for the beginner to intermediate astronomer looking to explore thesky. This line of telescope features a newly designed all aluminum single-armedAlt-Az mount with slow motion control on each axis. This allows the observer toeasily track any celestial object and land object with ease. The single armedmount features a Vixen style dovetail received which accepts any optical tubethat has a Vixen dovetail. This ST-AZ60 series features optical tubes of 2different 70mm, one 80mm and one 90mm apertures. These telescopes also featurea sturdy full length aluminum tripod which can be adjusted to be used byyoungsters and adults without any issue.

Numerous accessoriesare included in every ST-AZ60 telescope including three eyepieces, a 2X Barlowlens, an accessory tray, a red dot view finder, a bonus Bluetooth shutter, anda bonus smartphone adapter. With these accessories, observers can easily seefamous celestial objects such as the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn and take pictures ofthem on the go.


·Best for viewing celestial and land objects.

·Completely beginner friendly.

·Fully coated glass optical elements for highquality, clear, and crisp viewing.

·Erect-image diagonal for correct viewingorientation.

·Preassembled Full-Length adjustable aluminum tripodfor ease of use and steady viewing experience.

·Solid single-arm Alt-Az mount with slow motioncontrol cable on each axis for precise and fine pointing and tracking.

·No-tool setup.

·Optical Tube Assemble (OTA) can be swapped out toadapt other SpectrumOI OTAs.

·Smart Phone Adapter and Bluetooth shutter foreasy image taking and sharing on social media.


Optical Design


Optical Element

Fully Coated

Mount type

Single-arm Aluminum Alt-Az mount w/ Slow Motion Control Cables

Aperture (mm)

90mm (3.54 in)

Focal Length (mm)


Focal Ratio


Eyepiece 1 Focal Length (mm)


Eyepiece 2 Focal Length (mm)


Eyepiece 3 Focal Length (mm)


Barlow Lens

2X Barlow


33X – 203X

View Finder

Red Dot View Finder (1x battery included)

Other accessories

Smart Phone Adapter, Bluetooth Shutter, Accessory Tray

Package size (inch)

35 x 18 x 7.5

Package weight (kg)

7.3 kg (16 lbs)


Inan effort to comply with the distributor contracts with the manufacturer and tobest provide products to individual buyers, we reserve the rights to limit quantitiesor cancel orders to Resellers and Exporters. Please contact Spectrum Optical Instrumentsdirectly if you are interested in being a dealer.

Inventoryis not reserved until the item is paid for.


Weship to the 48 Contiguous United States. We do not ship to APO & FPO,Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Items listed as “Free shipping” are onlyshipped free to the 48 contiguous United States

Wedo NOT offer international shipping.

Shipmentserrors due to an invalid address provided by the buyer and will not be creditedfor shipping charges if returned or at all if lost or abandoned by the carrier.

Wewill provide tracking information to you via eBay once information isgenerated. Please make sure to check your account for tracking information.

Returnof merchandise is accepted for the first 30 days from the date of receipt ofthe merchandise. You may return the purchased item for a full refund, excludingany shipping charges (for items which listed as “free shipping,” a standard shippingcharge will be deducted from any refund or credit.)

Returneditem must be in brand-new, mint condition. Items must be in the original,undamaged manufacture’s package with all packaging material, including all theaccessories, packing inserts.

Pleasecontact us before returning a product.

Ifyou are located in Southern California region, you can directly return the itemto Spectrum Optical Instruments to get a refund.


EverySpectrum Optical Instruments telescope and product is warranted by SpectrumOptical Instruments to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for aperiod of ONE YEAR from the date of purchase in the US. If a defect isidentified on a new product, Spectrum Optical Instruments will repair orreplace a product with proof of original purchase. This warranty only appliesto the original purchaser and it is not transferable.

Thiswarranty is not valid where the product has been damaged due to abused ormishandled, attempted or performed unauthorized repairs, or depreciation due tonormal wear-and-tear. Spectrum Optical Instruments specifically disclaimsspecial, indirect, or consequential damages or lost profit which may resultfrom a breach of this warranty. Any implied warranties which cannot bedisclaimed are hereby limited to a term of one year from the date of originalretail purchase.

Thiswarranty gives specific rights. You may have other rights which vary from stateto state.

SpectrumOptical Instruments reserves the right to change product specifications or todiscontinue products without notice.

Aclaim is required to be filed before return of a product. A claim can be filedby obtained from Spectrum Optical Instruments by email. Each return productmust include a written statement detailing the nature of the claimed defect. Aswell as the original purchaser’s name, address, and contact information.

NOTE: buyers are responsible for return shipping andhandling cost for warranty services after 30 days of original purchase. Ourwarranty covers parts and labor only.

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