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Brandon 8mm Eyepiece with Rubber Eyecup - 1.25” New in Box For Sale

Brandon 8mm Eyepiece with Rubber Eyecup - 1.25” New in Box

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Brandon 8mm Eyepiece with Rubber Eyecup - 1.25” New in Box:

Brandon 8mm eyepiece. New in Box
Vernonscope Brandon eyepieces have excellent contrastand very dark backgrounds when viewing.This makes them perfect for planetary viewingas well as for resolving double stars.Try one and you\'ll be a fan.
  • Effective Focal Length: 8mm
  • Apparent Field of View: 43°
  • Eye Relief: 8mm
  • Field Stop diameter: 6mm
  • Weight: 1.2oz / 34g

Brandon eyepieces, made by Vernonscope in the USA,are noted for their exceptional contrast and extremely dark background,two reasons why the renowned Questar Corporation has been including these eyepieces with their telescopes since 1971.

The Brandon oculars incorporate the original optical designs of Chester Brandon and are acclaimed by leading astronomers as the finest oculars in the world. In a test of many eyepieces, noted deep-sky observer: Ron Morales, rated Brandon eyepieces #1 for contrast compared with other eyepieces.

Using Vernonscope\'s Brandon eyepieces, you will notice a significant difference in the background darkness surrounding a bright object, which is perfect for planetary or double-star observing. In addition, lunar detail such as the bands of Aristarchus are better seen.

All Brandon eyepieces are parfocal.

Every Brandon eyepieces are manufactured and tested in Raleigh, NC, to assure consistent high quality.

Leave the world of ordinary eyepieces behind and step up to Brandons!

Handcrafted In USA

Eyepiece SeriesBrandon OcularFocal Length8mmBarrel Size1.25\" (31.7mm)Apparent Field of View43°Filter ThreadsBrandon-proprietary filter threadEye Relief8mmCoatingsFully CoatedLens Elements4Lens Groups2Barrel TypeSmooth sidedRubber Eye GuardYesWeight1.2oz / 34g

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