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Celeston Travel scope 60 For Sale

Celeston Travel scope 60
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Celeston Travel scope 60:

🔭 Celestron TravelScope 60 Telescope - Explore the Universe! 🔭

Item: Celestron TravelScope 60 Telescope

Condition: Excellent, like-new

Brand: Celestron

Model: TravelScope 60

Type: Refractor Telescope


Embark on an incredible journey through the cosmos with the Celestron TravelScope 60 Telescope! This compact and portable refractor telescope is perfect for astronomy enthusiasts, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned stargazer. With its excellent optics and user-friendly design, this telescope will take your celestial exploration to new heights.


1. High-Quality Optics: The TravelScope 60 boasts a 60mm aperture and fully coated glass optics, providing crisp and clear views of the night sky. Experience breathtaking close-ups of the Moon, planets, and even distant stars.

2. Portable and Lightweight: Designed with travel in mind, this telescope is lightweight and easy to transport. Take it on camping trips, stargazing adventures, or simply set it up in your backyard for a quick observing session.

3. Quick and Easy Setup: The TravelScope 60 comes with a sturdy aluminum tripod and an adjustable height mount, allowing for stable observations. Its user-friendly design ensures hassle-free assembly, making it ideal for beginners.

4. Versatile Viewing: Explore both terrestrial and celestial objects with the included 45-degree erect image diagonal. Observe scenic landscapes during the day and marvel at the wonders of the night sky after sunset.

5. Accessories Included: This telescope comes complete with two eyepieces (20mm and 8mm), providing different magnification options for various celestial objects. Also included are a 2x Barlow lens and an accessory tray for convenient storage.

Whether you're a budding astronomer seeking to delve into the mysteries of the universe or a nature lover eager to observe wildlife up close, the Celestron TravelScope 60 Telescope is your gateway to exploration.

Don't miss this opportunity to own a high-quality, portable telescope that will ignite your passion for astronomy. Bid now and start your astronomical adventures today!

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