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Cheshire Collimating 1.25" Eyepiece for SCT, Newtonian & Dobsonian Telescopes For Sale

Cheshire Collimating 1.25

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Cheshire Collimating 1.25" Eyepiece for SCT, Newtonian & Dobsonian Telescopes:

Nebula Hunters Telescope Cheshire Collimating 1.25" Eyepiece for SCT, Newtonian Reflector & Dobsonian Telescopes Short version. For aligning both the Primary & Secondary mirrors for Visual focus clearly and accuracy of the image being viewed.
(Note: Collimating instructions are included with this product) *
For aligning optics of Newtonian reflectors, Dobsonian reflectors, and Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes (SCTs). To get the most out of your Telescope scope you really need to align or collimate the mirrors. It can take some time getting used to aligning both the secondary and primary mirrors and this short collimator can make it much easier. The short collimator for mirror (reflector) telescopes has a 45-degree plate for easier visual accuracy. Collimation is the alignment of elements inside an optical system like a telescope. Collimating a telescope consists of adjusting the tilt and position of the mirrors and lenses to ensure that the focal point reaches optimum focus at the point from which the image will be viewed (the eyepiece or a camera). Instructions are included with this product, but you can easily find additional information about Cheshire Collimating eyepieces on the internet. Specifications:
Material: Aluminum Metal Structure
Size: 32mm * 65mm / 1.25in * 2.56inchPackage include:
1 * Collimating Eyepiece1 * Instructions sheetPLEASE IF YOU HAVE ANY Astronomy or Technical QUESTIONS ABOUT OF MY ITEMS YOU CAN CONTACT ME WITH THE eBay messaging system.Shipping and handling for this Item is Free to US Buyers. International Shipping on this Item costs varies. Shipping: We ship to United States and International. Once payment is received, this item will be shipped within 2-3 business days.
Your item will be shipped promptly and packed properly. Check my feedback! I care greatly about the satisfaction of my buyers. Buy Now or Bid with confidence - you'll get your item exactly as represented!
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