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Helix Monocular Telescope 50080 – with SEVERAL accessories (80mm, 500mm) For Sale

Helix Monocular Telescope 50080 – with SEVERAL accessories (80mm, 500mm)

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Helix Monocular Telescope 50080 – with SEVERAL accessories (80mm, 500mm):

Helix Monocular Telescope 50080 – Telescopes for Astronomy Adult – Includes Mobile Phone Holder, Bluetooth Remote Control, Solar and Moon Filter Accessories – Powerful Magnification and Premium LensKey Features:- Educational and Fun: Whether an astronomy enthusiast who enjoys exploring outer space, planets, stars and satellites, or you simply want to get your little ones excited about the amazing world of stargazing, the Helix collection of telescopes for astronomy for beginners is exactly what you need!- Helix 50080 Stargazing Model: The 50080 telescope for adults is a compact stargazing telescope with 400mm x 80mm focal length and 250x magnification power, including an advanced Altazimuth mount with markings along two axes for accurate positioning and movements.- Accessories Included: The Helix adult telescopes include all needed accessories for a complete and rewarding stargazing experience. You’ll receive 3 x moon filters, solar filter, a convenient telescope phone mount, Bluetooth remote control and elegant, sleek carry bags for enhanced portability!Key Technical Specifications:• Maximum useful magnification: 250x• Focal ration: F/6• Resolving powers: 1.65 arcseconds• Advanced coated optics for clear and aberration free viewing• Advanced Altazimuth (AZIII) mount for accurate positioning and movement

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