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Meade 1.25" #58 Green Telescope Filter - series 4000 For Sale

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Meade 1.25" #58 Green Telescope Filter - series 4000:

Meade #58 Green Filter Series 4000 Excellent Condition! #58 Green 24% T Moon– Enhances lunar features.Jupiter – Increases visibility of the Great Red Spot. Useful for observing the low-contrast hues of blue and red that exist in the Jovian atmosphere.Mars – Excellent for increased contrast of Martian polar caps, low clouds and yellowish dust storms.Venus – Useful for Venusian cloud pattern studies. Reduces brightness of blue sky during daylight observing.Saturn – Enhances white features in the Saturnian atmosphere.Comets – Useful for observing brighter comets. We got this gently used filter in as a trade - it is in excellent condition, comes in a plastic case. Check out our eBay store for a great selection of telescope parts & accessories – we have hard to find parts! Buy from a store you can trust – we ship promptly, usually the same day! Contact us through Ebay if you have any questions.Thanks! inkfrog terapeak
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