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Meade ETX-105EC Astro Telescope, 497 Hand Controller, 884 Tripod, Pelican Case For Sale

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Meade ETX-105EC Astro Telescope, 497 Hand Controller, 884 Tripod, Pelican Case :

Meade ETX-105EC Astro Telescope, Meade 497 Hand Controller,heavy Duty Pelican case, Meade #884 Tripod, custom tripod case NOTE: Orion Starshoot Deep Space Video Camera is NOT INCLUDED. Listed elsewhere on eBay for sale. Maksutov Cassegrain F/14 1470mm Pre-Owned, fully tested, and in flawless condition.A real beauty! All functions work. 497 Hand Controller works great with bright LED's and all buttons work. The only issue is the small clear red plastic piece that covers the "red LED spot light" is missing. Does not effect the controller at all. All motor tested and work great. Etc. (Note- I use a small 12V wall power supply (not included) and not batteries so untested with batteries). Flip mirror works ( For use with a camera). lens mont screw is attached to lens barrel. Nice finderscope, etc. This is a big heavy telescope and not a toy like the smaller ETX telescopes.!! Included:ETX-105EC TelescopeMeade 497 Hand controllerFront screw on Large lens capBack lens cap(s)Finderscope w/90 degree elbowBattery compartment coverMassive fiberglass Pelican model 1550 custom fitted case w/ handle, etc. Unmarked and flawless alsoMease 884 Tripod complete w/ all knobs, sense holder, etcTripod soft case (set of 5 lens are listed elsewhere on eBay. Check my listings if you need lenses for the telescope.) The ETX-105 EC telescope is an advanced optical instrument. Thanks to electronic sensors for levelling and determining magnetic north, the process of getting your scope ready to hunt for celestial objects in shortened dramatically. You merely enter your location(in longitude & latitude) or your USA zip code and the machine does the rest, pointing to the first alignment star which you'll then further hone in on with the wide field SmartFinder finderscope. Use the electronic controller at any of four dual-axis speeds: 8x sidereal for image centering in the main telescope at high power, 32x for image centering at lower powers or for pushbutton object-tracking in the altazimuth mode, slow mode for image centering in the viewfinder or for terrestrial tracking of nature and sightseeing, or medium speed for fast slewing across the sky. The observer can instantly select any of these speeds simply by depressing the "speed" button on the controller. UHTC Ultra High Transmission Coatings are an important feature to optimize the performance of your Meade telescope. Technologies developed at the Meade Irvine coatings facility have optimized the visual and photographic performance of Meade telescopes. The UHTC coatings, employed upon all optical surfaces, result in a 20% decrease in light loss and a dramatic enhancement in detail of deep space objects.** Manufactured entirely at Meade's Irvine, California facilities** Viewing is at a 90° angle, with the images being upright(though laterally reversed)** Incredibly fast scope alignments thanks to electronic level & magnetic north sensorsETX-105EC 4.13" Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope W/ UHTC & Series 4000 SpecsOptical DesignMaksutov-CassegrainOptical Lens Diameter4.1" (105mm)Focal Length57.9" (1470mm) Focal Ratiof/14.0Maximum Useful Magnification420xResolving Power 1.10Optical CoatingsUHTC Ultra-High Transmission CoatingsOptical Tube Dimensions6.2 x 10.0" (15.7 x 25.4 cm) WxL Mount TypeAltazimuth (motorized) Eyepiece Barrel Diameter1.25"FinderscopeStandard opticalHard casePelican PVC caseMotor12-Volt DC servo with dual axis encoders PC CompatibleYesPower SourceEight 1.5-volt "AA" batteries or external 12V dc supply Weight24.50 lb (11.11 kg)Sold as-is with NO WARRANTY AND NO RETURNS Will ship in two boxes
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