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Orion 3.8mm Eyepiece Ultrascopic Japan Very Rare Mint Condition Original Box For Sale

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Orion 3.8mm Eyepiece Ultrascopic Japan Very Rare Mint Condition Original Box:

Welcome shoppers!If purchased, you will recieve an authentic vintage Orion Japan 3.8mm Ultrascopic eyepiece with the original storage box. It is in remarkably good shape considering its age and rarity. Enjoy! We would like to sell this to someone who really appreciates quality eyepieces and astrophotography as stars stay sharp all the way to the edges when using this eyepiece. Inspected by: A.E. 10/14/2021 Product Description:These Orion premium 1.25" diameter telescope eyepieces — invented in Japan by one of its most respected optical designers — features lens elements manufactured to exact tolerances and to a higher degree of polish than competitive models. It is a state-of-the-art 5-element design using modern high-refractive-index glasses, resulting in flat-field images superior to those of simpler 4-element Plossl and orthoscopic designs. The wide apparent field of view is a pleasure to behold.Superior CoatingsWhile some manufacturers' "fully multi-coated" eyepieces have a single layer of magnesium fluoride on most lens surfaces and multi-coatings only on the outer exposed surfaces, this is not the case with this eyepiece. Orion Ultrascopic Telescope Eyepieces do not skimp on coatings. It is Ultra Multi-Coated, which means that every air-to-glass lens surface is vacuum coated with multiple antireflective layers. Ultra Multi-Coating is the highest level of multi-coating there is.Enhanced ImagesThe superior coatings on this Orion eyepiece dramatically improve both brightness and contrast, increasing the visibility of faint nebulas, planetary details — anything you view with your telescope. A low-reflection barrel design with blackened lens edges provides a significant increase in contrast and a reduction of stray reflections.These Orion Ultrascopic Telescope Eyepieces are parfocal, so you need only minimal refocusing when switching powers. Standard filter threading. If you have a quality telescope and want to see what it can really do, buy this Orion Ultrascopic telescope eyepiece today!
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