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SV137 eyepiece Barlow Lens( 2x ) telescope part 1.25" FMC Astronomical eyepieces For Sale

SV137 eyepiece Barlow Lens( 2x ) telescope part 1.25

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SV137 eyepiece Barlow Lens( 2x ) telescope part 1.25" FMC Astronomical eyepieces:


This 2x Barlow lens with metal body. The lens fully multi-coated provide a sharp view.It can double the power of any 1.25” telescope eyepiece. Ideal for high power observation. A brass compression ring can protect your eyepiece from marring or scratching the barrel.Keeping your eyepiece in new looking.The barlow also has a male T-thread on its back that can be used to attach a DSLR camera and other T-thread type accessories.


1.2-Element optics are fully multi-coated 2.The Edges of the lenses are blackened to cut down on internal reflections 3.The 1.25” barrel will fit in standard 1.25” focusers and diagonals 4.Internal brass ring that the set screw hits to hold your 1.25" eyepiece inside for eliminates marks on your eyepiece barrel


Insert Barlow Lens between your eyepiece and your telescope to get the magnification instantly. Eye relief is the distance your eye has to be from the first lens in the eyepiece in order to see the full field of view. When you use a Barlow lens with an eyepiece, you get the magnification, but the eye relief is not affected. This is a good thing, because normally the shorter the focal length of the eyepiece, the less eye relief you have.

Package Includes:

1X SV137

2x Barlow Lens w/ T adapter

1X 2PCS Dust Cover

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