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SVBONY 1.25\" Telescope Filter UHC+CLS Filter for Deep Sky astrophotography For Sale

SVBONY 1.25\

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SVBONY 1.25\" Telescope Filter UHC+CLS Filter for Deep Sky astrophotography:

Product Description SVBONY Ultra high Contrast Filter

If you\'re not sure if a light pollution filter will benefit you or not (and it probably will), this SVBONY UHC Filter is a relatively inexpensive way to find out. Best of all, once you have it you\'ll probably feel no need to pick up a pricier one since this one will likely meet all of your needs.

The SVBONY ultra high contrast filter/UHC telescope filter is designed to improve the image contrast of nebulae and other deep-sky objects

UHC filters or light pollution reduction filters are designed to selectively reduce the transmission of certain wavelengths of light;especially those produced by artificial light

Due to its ability to produce exceptionally sharp and clear images;this filter is considered one of the most popular astronomy accessories;it can be used not only for celestial observations but also for astrophotography

Does a good job of cutting out light pollution

The sky is much more black than without it. However it does cause a halo. If you turn down the exposure it does go away or weakens up enough not to notice

The difference is even noticiable from looking through it without a telescope

Works great and increases the contrast so I can see more in the nighttime sky from where I live

If no light difference

The reason may be that the spectrum of the light source and the spectrum of the light filter have overlapping conflicts;The reason may be that the spectrum of the light source and the spectrum of the light filter have overlapping conflicts;You can change the environment to test if there is

See Some Small Planetary Nebulae Detail

Basically, it works by darkening the background so you can see more nebulosity that would otherwise be too faint

This filter has allowed one to actually see some small planetary nebulae that would otherwise be too washed out by the background to be seen, and I\'m able to see more detail and more of the dimmer fringe of larger nebulae like the Orion Nebula, the Dumbbell Nebula, and the Lagoon Nebula.

It helps with finding the little planetary nebulae because it dims everything but the nebula, i.e. you can look at the same spot with and without the filter, and with the filter in place the stars are dimmed somewhat but the nebula isn\'t. The nebula is the dot that doesn\'t get dimmer when you thread in the filter. It works well at both low and high powers, too.

Suitable for Many Telescope

The threads are well made and it threads perfectly into every eyepiece . It came in a nice flip-open snap-closed plastic case with a foam insert, and even in the dark it\'s easy to take in and out of the case without touching the glass.

it works with any telescope, in the 60mm refractor and 76mm reflector as it does in the 130mm reflector. It\'s a noticeable improvement and helps you see things

Features of the UHC Filter :
  • Sky background is darker for observations of deep-sky objects
  • This filter is perfect for observation of faint and low-contrast deep-sky objects. These features make it perfect for observing nebulae and other deep-sky objects
  • Barrel diameter: 1.25\'\' simply attach to eyepiece-cased in a sturdy transparent case
  • Significantly reduces light pollution, great for city and suburban observation
  • Pls note:the filters of SVBONY are not designed for sun observation. Do not look at the sun with SVBONY filter. You would be blind if you fail to observe the warning.
Package Includes
  • SVBONY 1.25 inch UHC Filter
  • Sturdy Plastic Case

The SVBONY City Light Suppression broadband filter isdesigned to improve the visibility of various Deepsky objects. Byselectively reducing the transmission of wavelengths of lightpollutants, specifically those produced by artificial lightingsincluding mercury vapor lamps, both high & low pressure sodium vaporlights and the unwanted natural light caused by neutral oxygen emissionin our atmosphere (i.e. skyglow). Together with the highly transparentin main nebula emission lines at OIII(496nm and 500nm), H-beta (486nm),NII(654nm and 658nm), H-alpha(656nm) as well as SII(672nm), the filteris suitable for enhancing the contrast and details for both visual andphotographic purpose at sub-rural area.


    • Multi-layers anti-reflection coating
    • Non-cementing optical substrate coating
    • Electron-beam gun evaporation with Ion-assisted deposition coating technology for durability and resistance to scratching, as well as stability on CWL (central wavelength) no deviation affected by temperature change.
    • Planetary rotation system offers precision and homogeneity of coatings ensuring high value on transmission of pass-band and Optical density of off-band.
    • Ultra-thin filter cell minimize vignetting by maximize possible
    • Aerometal Material Precise CNC Machining Sand Blasting
    • Process Black Anodized Finish Extinction Treatment to
    • Prevent Reflection Laser Engraving No Fading
    • 90% transmission of main nebula emission lines (i.e. Ha 656nm, OIII 496nm&500nm, SII672nm and H-beta 486nm).
    • 0.1% transmission of off-band, specifically the major emission lines of artificial light pollution (i.e. Na 589nm, Hg 435nmand 578nm).
    • Suitable for color CCD cameras and unmodified DSLRs
    • CLS with wider pass-band than UHC and hence is more favored when observing under mild to moderate light pollution.
    • Light pollution filter do not eliminate the effects of light pollution or increase the object \' s brightness. In many cases, they increase the contrast between nebula and night sky, not brightening the nebula.
    • WARNING: The filters of SVBONY are not designed for sun observation. DO NOT LOOK AT THE SUN WITH SVBONY FILTER. You would be BLIND if you fail to observe the warning.


    • Brand: SVBONY
    • Type: City Light Suppression Filter (CLS Filter)
    • Material: Optical glass lens, Aluminum Frame
    • Shape: Round
    • Barrel diameter: 1.25\'\'
    • Thread: Standard M28.5*0.6mm
    • Net Weight: 5.2g / 0.18oz
Package Includes
    • SVBONY 1.25 inch CLS Filter
    • Sturdy Plastic Case
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