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SVBONY 36mm UV/IR Cut Filter Improve Image Sharpness Multi-coated For Telescope For Sale

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SVBONY 36mm UV/IR Cut Filter Improve Image Sharpness Multi-coated For Telescope :

1、Improve image sharpness with the addition of an UV-IR Cut Filter, which blocks Ultraviolet and Infrared transmissions but lets the visible spectral region shine through. 2、The IR (700nm to 1100nm) and UV (300nm - 400nm) part of the spectrum are invisible to human eyes, but not to most CCD and other digital cameras, which are sensitive to 300nm to 1100nm. 3、With the UV-IR Cut filter installed, violet halos and an overall soft image are a thing of the past. 4、This filter also reflects heat radiation and provides great protection against dust. 5、The 36mm Unmounted UV-IR Cut Filter is made with glass that has been multi-coated with an ion-assisted deposition technology to ensure scratch resistance and stability on the central wavelength, or CWL. This UV-IR Cut filter is designed to be used with color filter wheels that accept 36mm Unmounted filters. 6、95% transmission at visible spectral region 420-680nm highly passing the major nebula emission lines of H-Alpha 656nm, SII 672nm and NII 654nm and 658nm. 7、Ultraviolet 300-400nm and infrared wavelength 700-1100nm cut-off. Each filter comes with a plastic case with high pressure EVA case lining Package Includes: SVBONY 36mm UV/IR CUT Filter Sturdy Plastic Cases about svbony
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