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SVBONY SV105 Telescope Camera Electronic Eyepiece 1.25inch 2MP CMOS color camera For Sale

SVBONY SV105 Telescope Camera Electronic Eyepiece 1.25inch 2MP CMOS color camera
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SVBONY SV105 Telescope Camera Electronic Eyepiece 1.25inch 2MP CMOS color camera:

SVBONY SV105 is a great way to get started with astrophotography; simply point your telescope at the Moon or a planet and record a quick video ; and you will get a bright; clear image with the maximum amount of color and detail.Especially if you live in a light-polluted area. If you can see the planet the sky, you can image it with SV105.

  • Sensor: 1/3" CMOS IMX307
  • USB2.0 & Plug and Play

    Plug and play, easy to use. SV105 with 2 USB connectors ensures the fluently night sky observing. If the power is not stable, then connect the sub-USB connector to your computer or power bank, and it will transport double electric current to make sure the SV105 camera work well with enough electric power.

  • Software Download

    Download Sharpcap Capture for windows system;

    Download AstroDMx Capture for Linux system;

    Download USB Camera for Android system;

  • Dark Light Compensation

    The image processor uses dark light compensation technology to greatly improve the telescope camera's image clarity in low light conditions.;

  • 2K Resolution

    By processing the image, the record 2K video at high speed, up to 30 frames per second at 1920*1080 resolution, with a maximum frame rate of up to 200 frames per second (320*240).

  • 1.25" Adapter Barrel

    The 1.25" Adapter Barrel is available for standard 1.25” filters and other 1.25” accessories. SV105 camera just replaces the eyepiece, for electronically enhanced viewing, or astrophotography. It would NOT work with most finder scopes that do not have a removeable eyepiece, or one that has an eyepiece smaller than 1.25".

  • IR-650 Cut

    The IR650 filter, high transmittance of visible light, infrared transmittance low. The human eye cannot detect the infrared part of filter, and can adjust the scenery within react to the color of the image rendering color to achieve the best visual effect, greatly improve the image quality.

  • High Quality

    Working Temperature: -0°C~45°C (0°F ~ 122°F)

    Storage Temperature: -10°C~60°C (-4°F ~ 140°F)

    Working Relative Humidity: 20%~80%

    Storage Relative Humidity: 20%~95%

  • Can be used in connection with spotting scope and microscope

Used as a Guiding Camera

Used as Planetary Camera

How to use SV105 ?

Firstly, download the astronomy software 【sharpcarp. then install it as following the prompts. you could download the software from sharpcap site. [link removed by eBay]

Secondly, Test the SV105 that connecting it to the computer by the USB cable coming within the package. There is no need install a driver. Because the SV105 is a standard UVC device, Windows 7 and newer operating system will automatically install the driver.

Thirdly,Check your computer 【Device Manager】, you will find the Camera 【SVBONY SV105】. It means the successfully connecting.

Fouthly, running the astronomy software【sharpcarp】as administator. enter the software and single click the 【camera】button, you will see 【SVBONY SV105】. Double click it, then you will see the image or some light on the screen, if all equpments work well.

before connecting the SV105 to your telescope, please focus the target first by using a normal optic eyepiece. then replace it with the SV105 camera. You should adjust the focus wheel to reach a clear image on the computer screen. Because the SV105 isn't auto focus camera like Canon and Sony camera.

Finaly, connect 1.25" SV105 electronic eyepiece to your telescope, then you could take photos on your computer and save the files. Also you could capture a vivid video. If you need change the specifications to make the images more beautiful as you need, manually adjust Gain, Contrast, Exposure Time, Frame rate and Color Saturation on the right side table.

Note: If you didn't get a clear image on your screen. Don't forget to adjust the telescope focus wheel. Thanks.

Tips with SVbony
  • When you using SV105 with your telescope. you need to adjust the telescope focus wheel. while checking the image on the computer for clarity arpness of focus. NOTE: The SV105 can't auto focus; you need to adjust the telescope focus to see a clear image.
  • SV105 works well with telescope focal lengths in 400mm to 800mm range so using a refractor telescope with this focal length should allow seeing a clear image without any accessories.Shorter focal length telescopes and toy or low-quality telescopes are not recommended for use with the SV105.
  • When using a refractor telescope on the Moon with over 1000mm focal length you may need a focal reducer in order to focus correctly. SVBony also sells a 1.25”focal reducer. When viewing Jupiter or Saturn, we recommend also using a barlow lens for higher magnification up to 300 times magnification power. you can better see the finer details of Jupiter or Saturn. The clarity of the image is also related to the your shooting environment and light pollution.
  • SV105 camera works on Windows.Experienced astronomers use software to edit the images captured by SV105, then the images will be much more clear.
Question and Answer
  • Q: Does it shoot in color?
  • A: Yes, it uses CMOS color sensor.
  • Q: Can I use this camera with Android smartphone?
  • A: SV105 telescope camera can be used with Android phones.
  • Q: My SV105 Don`t have filter thread, how can I use the filter?
  • A: Upgraded Version has the filter thread, you can directly use it with filter. If your SV105 dot not have filter thread , you can buy a Extension Tube Extender, then you can use your SV105 with filter.
  • Q: When I Use SV105 to Connect Barlow, it is s bit narrow, is it cause the adapter ring too thick?
  • A: SV105 Electronic Eyepiece can connect a 1.25-inch filter, zenith mirror, Barlow mirror, astronomical telescope and the filter thread is M28.5*0.6.Maby Cause Barlow is not the correct 1.25"
  • Q: Using a 1500mm focal length telescope, no matter how to adjust , can not see clearly, what should I do?
  • A: PLS Try to use 0.5x Focal Reducer, my US customer told me SV105 fit the 400mm~ 800mm focal length telescope, and my Japanese customer also reflect that when the use Focal Reducer with the telescope,then can get a very clear image.
The actual effect pictures as below:
  • (the orion nebula and the Crescent moon)
  • with a 114mm orion starblast f / 4 telescope
  • with the SVBONY SV105 camera directly on the telescope without filters)
  • Updates excellent photos from time to time:
about svbony

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