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SVBONY SV48P 2\" 90500 Refractor Telescope W/ SV305 Pro Guiding Planetary Camera For Sale

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SVBONY SV48P 2\" 90500 Refractor Telescope W/ SV305 Pro Guiding Planetary Camera :

This Set include SV48P Telescope and SV305PRO camera,if you want to use for planetary imaging, lunar and solar imaging (with a safe solar filter), and some bright deep space objects imaging. you also need guidescope, and guiding camera(guidescope and guiding camera need to be purchased separately)

SVBONY SV48P 90mm F5.5 Refractor Telescope w/R&P Double Speed Focuser

  • The SV48P Astronomical Telescope has outstanding optics, high-quality mechanical components
  • The doublet air-spaced achromatic lens fully multi-coated lens provides great optical performance, maximizing
    light transmission while eliminating false color.
  • The 2-inch rotatable dual-speed focuser has a smooth operation, offers you a great feel and precise adjustability.
  • Compare to the original SV48, we bring an upgrade to SV48P this time. Now there is a bracket for the tube which makes it more stable on your mount also with the 130mm dovetail base.
  • For the focuser, the toothed focusing knob makes it more friendly for viewing with naked eyes.
  • This is a good telescope provides for astrophotography visual observers or nature watchers.

  • 500mm focal length and 90mm wide aperture

    Compared with the 70mm model, 500mm focal length and 90mm wide aperture objective lens can collect a large amount of light thereby providing an enhanced and brighter field of view. Let you enjoy the beauty of planets and the moon as well as brighter galaxies and star clusters.

    90mm objective lens collects a large amount of light thereby providing an enhanced and brighter field of view.

  • 360-degree rotation

    Easily adjust the shooting angle
    Turn the focus wheel to your left hand or right hand according to your requirements.

    360-degree rotation is convenient for photographic composition and visual observation.

  • FMC lens

    Fully multi-layer coated lens maximizes the light transmittance and eliminates false colors

  • 2 inches-1.25 inches adapter

    SV48P refractor is compatible with all 1.25in and 2in accessories like eyepieces diagonal barlow lens for its 2in to 1.25in adapter.;

    Relax the conditions for choosing accessories, making it easier for you to match accessories

  • The gear ratio of the 2-inch rotatable double-speed focuser is 1:10

    so that it is easy to achieve accurate focus

    The gear ratio of the dual speed 2-inch toothed focuser with a reduction ratio of 1:10; a combination of constant-speed and fine-speed ; Easy to achieve precise focus.

  • Wide rack design

    130mm wide rack design can provide smooth focusing thread.Increase smoothness and stability, which is more conducive to the accuracy of data.


Q:What are the outstanding features of the upgraded sv48p?


Toothed focusing knob

Dual speed still, but this time you will find the toothed knob on the scope just you did on our star product SV503. The touch matters in our opinion. These pairs of toothed focusing knobs would make you feel more pleased when you view the night sky with naked eyes. The targets have been located but somehow we just couldn’t make it clear, that might be the last thing we wish to happen in this hobby. So we keep the dual-speed focusing system which makes the whole process easier and smoother and we truly believe that you would love it.

Comfortable damping

We want to achieve a good balance between damping and smoothness with this tiny brass focus plate. So now, a 13mm brass plate under the focusing tube, provides comfortable damping to secure the process of focusing stable and accurate, which means deviation or shaking of the focusing tube, or the inconsistency of the hand feel during the whole operation of the focusing will not be the pain again.

360 rotatable R&P focuser

A rotatable focuser would greatly help you get just the right position for your camera or diagonal without touching multiple screws which could be pretty annoying to the final image. Just loosen the knob on the tube a little bit then you could just rotate the whole focuser, simple and clean.

Mounting rings with a 130mm dovetail plate

A longer dovetail plate than the original SV48 which has a 100mm dovetail plate gives you more space for the mounting, with the fine-made mounting rings together making sure your telescope is steady.

Q:Hello, does this only bring the telescope or does it have other accessories? Can I use it directly after buying it? Do I need to buy other accessories?

A:Package includes SV48P 90500 Astronomical Telescope OTA,2\" -1.25\" Adapter,Finder Scope Bracket,Lens Cover,1.25\" Dust Cover,130mm Dovetail Mounting Plate with Tube Ring

No included diagonal, eyepieces and a tripod etc.

Q:The description has two different weights how much does it actually weigh?

A:7.73 pounds

Q:What type of glass is used in the objective?

A:Fully multil green coated lens; fitted with achromatic glass for good edge-to-edge viewing; fully multi green coated lens maximize light transmission eliminating false color.

Q:are the rings felt lined?

A:Sorry it doesn\'t, the bracket is fixed on the lens barrel with screws and is detachable.

Q:Is the metal loop telescope holder removable, if is is, how do you remove it?

A:Yes, you can remove it by turning the screws on the bottom of the stand.

Q:How to get started with Astrophotography?

A: Firstly, you needchoose a telescope.For beginner astronomers, a refractor is the betterbeginner telescope for astrophotography.
Designed for Camera photography
Loosenthe screw that fixes the focuser on the telescope, the focuser canrotate 360 degrees.When you use the camera, you don\'t need to unscrewthe camera to adjust the angle.You only need to loosen the screws,adjust the camera angle, and then tighten the screws.

SV305 Pro camera is a sensitive and high-speed color astronomy camera for planetary imaging, lunar and solar imaging (with a safe solar filter), and some bright deep space objects imaging. This camera is also great for ‘lucky imaging’of planets, double stars, and other compact objects, especially for telescopes with longer focal lengths.

  • 128MB DDR Buffer

    The benefit of the built-in 128MB DDRII image buffer is that the memory will cache the image and transfer it to the computer when the USB interface is not busy or being interrupted, and the frame will not be lost or corrupted.

  • Back-illuminated (BSI) CMOS Sensor

    The SV305 Pro uses an extremely sensitive CMOS sensor, the Sony IMX290.This sensor has very high QE, and very low (0.7e-) read noise, which improves sensitivity in the visible-light and near infrared light regions for industrial applications.

  • ST4 Guiding

    The camera designed with ST4 guiding port, supports the PHD2 software, and works with ASCOM plate form. You can use the computer to control it, and telescope mounts have an autoguiding port that connects directly to the autoguider (usually referred to as an ST-4 port, which works with analog signals).

  • Any Area ROI Support

    The SV305 Pro has ROI function. A smaller region of interest (ROI) is read out from the sensor, leaving the image scale of the object being imaged, unchanged. Allow arbitrary resolutions to be set.

  • USB3.0 High Speed Transmission

    USB3.0 high speed data transmission is quick and efficient for planetary, lunar and solar imaging.

  • ADC 12bit

    The SV305 Pro camera offers 8 bit RAW output or 12 bit.

  • Special Heat Dissipation Structure

    The unique heat dissipation design makes the product run more stably. Long-term exposure during use reduces the noise to a certain extent and makes the image quality better.


Computer configuration requirements:

1)The configuration of desktop computer is not less than Intel 4 generation i5, and the memory is not less than 4G.
2)Laptop configuration is not less than Intel 6 generation i5, memory is not less than 8g.

2. This SV305 Pro camera is best used with a refractor or reflector telescope mounted on an equatorial mount that can accurately track the motion of the sky. It is not intended for taking images through the eyepiece of a telescope. You may also require additional accessories and filters to get the best results. If you want to use the SV305 pro camera capture images through telescope eyepiece. you need buy an eyepiece projection adapter.

All software and drivers for this camera are available from the manufacturer’s website.

Some questions you may care about:The difference between F9198Band F9198C:The window glass is changed from the original IR650 to AR anti-reflection coated glass, which can be used with IR CUT filters to capture visible light, and with IR685, IR850 and other filters for infrared light shooting.What software supports the SV305 pro camera ?

ForWindows users, please download thesharpcap 3.2.6421 version and the latest version.

ForLinux users, please download theAstroDMx capture for Linux, version 0.78.3 and the latest version.

ForGuiding, please downloadPHD2 software v2.6.9dev1 and the latest version.

How is SV305 Pro camera?

Here are the testing results from Dr. Steve Wainwright. ( He has been an astronomer since 1967. He taught astronomy at the University of Swansea in D.A.C.E. evening classes for several years, but now, largely retired. For several years he has been working with his partner Nicola on AstroDMx Capture. They do great help for Svbony cameras working with Linux system. Many thanks for Steve and Nicola.)

Svbony SV305 Pro works with Windows, Linux, and Raspberry Pi.

>Windows system with Sharpcap software 3.2.6433 and latest version for Windows system

>Linux system with AstroDMx capture for Linux& Raspberry Pi, Version 0.78.3 and Latest Version

>PHD2 Software for Guiding, Version v2.6.9dev1 and Latest Version

about svbony
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SVBONY SV48P 2" 90500 Astronomical Telescope Refractor OTA Double Speed Focuser



SVBONY SV48P 2" 90500 Astronomical Telescope Refractor OTA Double Speed Focuser


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