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SVBONY SV503 80ED Telescope Refractor +Erect Prism Diagonal +68° UWA Eyepiece For Sale

SVBONY SV503 80ED Telescope Refractor +Erect Prism Diagonal +68° UWA Eyepiece
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SVBONY SV503 80ED Telescope Refractor +Erect Prism Diagonal +68° UWA Eyepiece :

Product Description What does this set include? SV503 80ED F7 Telescope Refractor OTA Astro Professional semi AchromaticExtra-low Dispersion glass; C is designed with ED glass; will give you the crystal clear image;SV503 80ED telescope produces an especially colour true and high contrast imageTop-quality Material; The appearance of the SV503 OTA is baked with high-end fine-grained paint; with exquisite appearance and delicate feel;all machined by CNC.SV222 90° 1.25-inch Erect Prism Diagonal 90-degree design; provides a better observation experience when visually observing.

Extinction thread; Extinction thread prevents stray light from entering; ensures observation quality.

99% high reflectivity; large amount of light transmission; good imaging effect.

1.25 inches thread; can connect filter; meet various needs of customers.Telescope Eyepiece 1.25inch 68° 6/9/15/20mm Ultra Wide Angle Lens FMC FMC 68-Degree Ultra Wide long eye Relief Eyepiece.

Standard 1.25" Inch Astronomy Telescope 4 Piece Eyepiece Kit.

Super Wide 68 Degree apparent field offers expansive views of the moon, star clusters, and the Milky Way.

Multi-element design delivers sharp images with good color correction and contrast.SV193 2inch 0.8x Focal Reducer /Flattener The field flattener corrects the inherent spherical aberration of curved lenses which causes distortion at the edges of the field of view. As a focal reducer, it reduces the focal ratio of the scope which translates into wider fields of view with shorter exposure times—allowing you to capture more images in the same amount of time without sacrificing performance.
  • For those who want to enjoy outdoor activities in the garden,you deserve to have SV503 80ED telescope.

    SV503 80ED telescope’s objective lens features an S FPL-51 extra-low dispersion glass ED element, which virtually eliminates chromatic aberration. This results in the great color correction for an ED doublet lens.

    A thoroughly though-out design and high-quality mechanical components. This very special SV503 telescope provides astrophotographers, visual observers or nature watchers with bright, wide field views when observing starry skies or nature watching.

  • SV503 80mm are suited for those in astrophotography who need something with a wider field of view, wanting to view the sun (be sure to use an approved solar filter) and the moon. Besides, you can also see star clusters, nebula and some larger, brighter galaxies.

  • Extra-low DispersionGlass:S-FPL51

    ED(Extra-low Dispersion) S-FPL51 is built in SV503 astronomical telescope. ED glass minimizes the effects of the secondary spectrum and reduces chromatic aberration to a remarkable degree. The high-quality 2-Element objective provides sharp and high-contrast images for travel and mobile use. ;

  • Ultra-wideband Super Multi-coated

    Ultra-wideband super multi-coated is claimed as a remarkable seven-layer lens coating process that cuts the reflection ratio down to just 0.2% per lens surface. The result is a dramatic improvement in both color fidelity and brightness and the elimination of flare and ghost images.

  • Dual-speed Rack and Pinion Focuser

    The gear ratio of the dual speed 2-inch toothed focuser is 1: 10, which makes it easy to achieve accurate focus. The dual speed focuser can provide two focusing speeds by using a set of co-axial knobs, one for fast focusing and the other for fine focusing.

  • 70mm Back Focus

    The 70 mm back focus and 360 degree adjustable focuser are sufficient for your astrophotography needs, allowing perfect framing of your astrophotography. And the 2" RAP (rack and pinion) focuser holds more-than-5kg heavy photographic accessories safely.

  • 1.5 Arc-second Resolution

    The SV503 ED astronomical telescope can reach 1.5 angular seconds to let you see finer details either in astronomy or wildlife viewing.

  • Comes With a 2"-1.25" Adapter

    The telescope scope focuser comes with a 2 inch to 1.25 inch adapter. So that you could also use all your 1.25 inch accessories with the SV503 telescope.;

Review with SVbonyJean-Sebastien Gaudet

Taken with Sv503 80ED/SvBONY field flattener/ASI294MC-pro at -10degC/Optolong L-extreme/50mm guidescope/SV305 guide camera/Celestron ASGT

10x600s lights/10 darks/15 flats

Bill Collins

Copernicus Crater. SV503 ED80 f/7,SV305 with Svbony 2X Barlow lens cell screwed into camera nose piece. Sharp Cap Pro, single image, Snapshot command. Edited with Windows Photos. 10/1/21

Stellar Haven Observatory 2021© B.R.Collins

James Glucksman

I had a good clear night for most of last night (albeit with the addition of a pretty full moon toward midnight) so I shot these two targets--The Tarantula Nebula (narrowband) and the Ptolemy Cluster (LRGB) from here in New Zealand on my SV503 80mm.


Q: only buy the SVBONY SV503 ED telescope is enough for doing astronomy photography?

A: No, this is just a beginning.Only the Telescope Tube, you can do nothing. You need to prepare some accessories for it. Then set up all the accessories with the telescope tube, then do the observation or astrophotography.

Q:Only using the SV503 do Moon observation?

A:I don’t recommend you start astronomy with SV503, you can start to buy a small telescope. That is enough.e.g. sv501p telescope 。

If you really want to start doing Moon observation or solar observation (you need a solar filter) with the SVBONY sv503, then here are the accessories you need.



Finder scope (if you want one)

Mount (support the telescope & accessories’ weight)

Like this:

Q:I want to do some photography with the SV503 ED telescope. because many astronomers own the SV503 telescope is using it do deep space photography.i want to do this too

A:Of course you can too,then you need

Main photography camera

Photography extension tube

Dovetail for connecting finder scope (with screws)

Finder scope

Guiding camera (if want one)

like this:

Also you could connect a Nikon or Canon camera to the telescope tube.

Accessories needed:

Canon camera ( Of course)

Camera adapter

Photography extension tube

Like this :

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SVBONY SV503 80ED F7 Telescope Refractor OTA Astro Professional semi Achromatic


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SVBONY SV503 Telescope ED 70mm F6 Extra Low Dispersion Refractor OTA


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