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Svbony F9131B 2" UHC Telescope Deep Sky Light Pollution Filter Astro Imaging NEW For Sale

Svbony F9131B 2
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Svbony F9131B 2" UHC Telescope Deep Sky Light Pollution Filter Astro Imaging NEW:

Svbony 2" UHC Telescope Filter - Great for Deep Sky Viewing, Helps Eliminate Light Pollution!Price includes USA shipping

This Ultra High Contrast (UHC) filter is great for giving the enhancement of nebula and galaxies. It also acts as a light pollution filter to remove most artificial light. It blocks all high and low pressure mercury and sodium vapor lamp light, neon lights and sky-glow. It is excellent for both visual and photographic applications. For visual observations, this filter is great under dark or somewhat light-polluted skies. It greatly enhances nebulae and comets relative to the background light. While it is especially good for nebula, by darkening the background of space, this Light Pollution filter provides a better view of all deep-sky objects.

Photographically, a good nebula filter enables deep space photos of nebulae, star clusters and galaxies to be taken even where you have light polluted skies. It is valuable even at good dark-sky sites because it blocks the natural sky-glow spectral line at 558 nm. Because of this, it provides higher contrast deep sky photographs.

Filter Eliminates Many Light Pollution Problems
While Giving the Highest Nebula Enhancement
Brand new in the box Specially designed to increase the contrast
for all deep-sky visual or photographic observationsWe bought these at a great price and are passing on the savings to you! If you live in the city and need to help eliminate pesky street lights, this will help! Great for nebula viewing, these are a good quality filter that every amateur astronomer needs! Check us out! Buy from a store you can trust - we ship promptly, usually the same day - check out our feedback.Thanks!

inkfrog terapeak
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