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Triopo Complete Carbon Fiber Tripod Monopod w/Quick Release Plate Ball Head B2 For Sale

Triopo Complete Carbon Fiber Tripod Monopod w/Quick Release Plate Ball Head B2

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Triopo Complete Carbon Fiber Tripod Monopod w/Quick Release Plate Ball Head B2:

The GT2804 is a versatile and reliable tripod for use in a variety of situations. The carbon-fiber legs are strong but lightweight. The tripod comes with two center columns. With the small column, the tripod has a minimum height of 9 5/8" with the ballhead in place. With the large column, the tripod reaches a maximum height of 5' 5.5" high with the ballhead in place. The feet have retractable metal points for secure footing in any terrain. There is a spring loaded hook for the center columns that can hold weight for extra stability. The spread of the legs can locked independently in three different positions. One leg can be removed and used as a monopod simply by mounting the ballhead on top. Included with this tripod is a B-2 ball head which rotates 360 degrees and can tilt at any angle, including portrait orientation. The Arca-Swiss compatible release plate attaches to your camera and mounts securely. A rotating ring at the base of the head lets you pan the camera while maintaining height and level, ideal for panoramic photography.Specification
    • Max load: 17 lbs.
    • Min height: 9' 5/8"
    • Max height: 5' 5 1/2"
    • 16.5" long folded
    • Monopod max height with center column extension: 69 1/2"
    • Monopod max height without center column extension: 58 1/4"
    • Weight: 3 lb 10oz
    • Twist-lock, carbon-fiber legs
    • Retractable metal tips on legs
    • Convertible to monopod
    • Padded grip on monopod leg
    • Interchangeable center columns - long and short. Long column is carbon-fiber
    • Adjustable height center column, twist-lock
    • Quick release tabs for adjusting leg angle
    • Hook for weight on center column
    • Arca-Swiss compatible release plate (1 15/16" x 1 15/16")
    • Standard 1/4-20 mounting screw
    • 360 degree rotating and tilting ball joint head
    • Push button safety catch on release plate
    • Dual bubble levels on head
    • Degree markings for multi-exposure panoramic shooting

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