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Unistellar eVscope 2 Telescope with Nikon Electronic Eyepiece and Backpack For Sale

Unistellar eVscope 2 Telescope with Nikon Electronic Eyepiece and Backpack
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Unistellar eVscope 2 Telescope with Nikon Electronic Eyepiece and Backpack:

Are you tired of only seeing bright dots when observing the night sky through your standard telescope?

Would you like to see the cloudy colorful Nebulaes ? The wonderful shapes and details of Galaxies ? Its sounds impossible but that’s exactly what Unistellar Smart Telescopes can offer.

TheUnistellar eVscope 2 114mm f/4 GoTo Reflector Telescopeeschews convention by eliminating the traditional eyepiece configuration and instead employs a digital eyepiece outfitted with an micro OLED display, a low-light sensitive imaging sensor, on-board imaging processing computer, and integrated Wi-Fi module to create and stream views of celestial objects directly to phones and tablets. With its fast automatic alignment system and automatic light pollution filter software, you spend more time observing the wonders of the night sky and less setting up. To assist in setup, a backpack is included. Thanks to its ability to stream to 10 devices, this is an ideal solution for educators teaching classes and astronomy clubs doing community outreach.


Start your endless journey, now

Enhanced Vision is a revolutionary technology invented by Unistellar. Our smart telescopes amplify the incoming light signal from the sky from the very first moments of observation. The onboard computer continuously stacks and live-processes short exposures of the objects at which they are aimed.

This technology redefines how people observe the sky. In mere moments, objects that are barely visible with conventional telescopes—like galaxies, nebulae, and planets—appear with stunning clarity and in vivid color.

Observing the majestic Sculptor Galaxy or the breathtaking colors of the Running Man Nebula for the first time is an indescribable experience.

Optical Tube

  • Unique design combines both an eyepiece for visual observation without a device and a Wi-Fi module for viewing images on a tablet or phone
  • Integrated Nikon digital eyepiece employs a micro OLED display to simulate a conventional viewing experience with enhanced color and contrast with a comfortable eye relief
  • 50x optical power and a digital magnification of up to 400x
  • 34 x 47 arcmin field of view
  • 4.5" primary mirror with a fast f/4 focal ratio for clearer imaging
  • Reflector design produces a longer effective focal length while maintaining a compact length—making it suited to off-grid use
  • 1.33 arcsecond resolution to split binary stars
Imaging System
  • 7.7MP IMX347 high-resolution imaging sensor
  • On-board image processing computer precisely and quickly gathers the incoming light and presents a clear and accurate image
  • Provides clear and detailed views even in areas with heavy light pollution
  • Autonomous Field Detection system provides accurate alignment and tracking by detecting and recognizing the star field overhead without the need for polar alignment or finderscopes
  • Automatic light pollution filter software "cleans up" the noise that normally obscures conventional observation
  • On-board 64GB of memory can store up to 35 hours of images
App Control
  • App is available for iOS and Android (min requirement: iOS 12 or Android 6, with touchscreen, GPS, and Wi-Fi)
  • Integrated WiFi module allows up to 10 devices to connect to share the observation experience
  • App for iOS and Android has a database of over 5000 objects with object recommendations, information, and stats
  • Set up your telescope outside and observe in the comfort of your home on hot summer and cold winter nights
Mount & Tripod
  • Motorized alt-azimuth mount automatically tracks objects and allows user input via app
  • Integrated rechargeable battery with up to 10 hours of runtime
  • Three-stage aluminum tripod with secure snapping leg locks
  • Integrated bullseye bubble level
  • Travel backpack included to carry the entire telescope, mount, and tripod

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