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Vintage Gremlins Lunchbox with Thermos 1984 Aladdin For Sale

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Vintage Gremlins Lunchbox with Thermos 1984 Aladdin :

This is a vintage Gremlins lunchbox. It still has the thermos in it. This does have some rust spots on the lunchbox. It is still in pretty good condition. The bottom of the thermos is seperating a little bit from the top. If you have any questions please ask. Thank you. We do offer local pick up. If you plan on picking this item up you can pay for it when you get here. But make sure you still contact us as soon as possible.( within 2 days) We would like to know when you plan on picking it up. And yes we will combine shipping on items that can be shipped together. We own a local consignment store. We sell a lot of items for other people. When we list them we use all the information that we have, from either what the consignor tells us or from what we find out about it. We try to list all the details about the item. There may be a time that we overlook something. We are not experts on any of the items that we list. If you get the item and it isn't as described, contact us. We will try out best to make it right. If there is something that you think could have gone better about the transaction, let us know. Thank you, This That & Everything
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