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Cool Space Pictures, Collection of some of our favorite space photos

Welcome to this part of our astronomy website. Here are some of our favorite cool space pictures. Feel free to download any of these great space pictures to your computer for personal use. We are going to be adding more cool space pictures as time goes by. Click on the pictures to make them bigger.

 cool space picture

This image released by NASA and made by the Spitzer Space Telescope shows a glowing stellar nursery. The infrared image was obtained by Spitzer's infrared array camera. The Spitzer Space Telescope was named after the late Dr. Lyman Spitzer, Jr., one of the 20th century's most influential scientists, who in the mid-1940s first proposed placing telescopes in space.

space picture

space shuttle launching

Space Shuttle Discovery
    "Return to Flight"
launches at the Kennedy Space Center
on July 26, 2005

space shuttle picture

By a Challenger crew member,
June 22, 1983

"Scenes of the Space Shuttle Challenger taken with a 70mm camera onboard the shuttle pallet satellite

northern lights from space

A nice view of the Northern Lights from Space

galaxy far away

Picture of galaxy from far, far away...Taken with the Hubble Telescope

pinwheel galaxy

This new Hubble image reveals the gigantic Pinwheel galaxy, one of the best known examples of “grand design spirals”, and its supergiant star-forming regions in unprecedented detail. The image is the largest and most detailed photo of a spiral galaxy ever taken with Hubble.


Fireworks of Star Formation Light Up a Galaxy

Located some 13 million light-years from Earth, NGC 4214 is currently forming clusters of new stars from its interstellar gas and dust. In this Hubble image, we can see a sequence of steps in the formation and evolution of stars and star clusters. The picture was created from exposures taken in several color filters with Hubble's Wide Field Planetary Camera 2.

carina nebula

Light and Shadow in the Carina Nebula

Previously unseen details of a mysterious, complex structure within the Carina Nebula (NGC 3372) are revealed by this image of the "Keyhole Nebula," obtained with NASA's Hubble Space Telescope. The picture is a montage assembled from four different April 1999 telescope pointings with Hubble's Wide Field Planetary Camera 2, which used six different color filters. The picture is dominated by a large, approximately circular feature, which is part of the Keyhole Nebula, named in the 19th century by Sir John Herschel.

deep space

Scanning the heavens for the first time since the successful December 1999 servicing mission, NASA's Hubble Space Telescope imaged a giant, cosmic magnifying glass, a massive cluster of galaxies called Abell 2218. This 'hefty' cluster resides in the constellation Draco, some 2 billion light-years from Earth. The cluster is so massive that its enormous gravitational field deflects light rays passing through it, much as an optical lens bends light to form an image.

deep space

Close up of the sun. Very nice image of an eruptive prominence.

picture of earth

The Galileo spacecraft took the image in 1992 on its way to explore the Jupiter system in 1995-97. The image shows a partial view of the Earth centered on the Pacific Ocean about latitude 20 degrees south. The west coast of South America can be observed as well as the Caribbean; swirling white cloud patterns indicate storms in the southeast Pacific. The distinct bright ray crater at the bottom of the Moon is the Tycho impact basin. The lunar dark areas are lava rock filled impact basins.

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