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Eastcolight Galaxy Tracker Telescope For Kids Wide Angle HD Astronomy Telescope For Sale

Eastcolight Galaxy Tracker Telescope For Kids Wide Angle HD Astronomy Telescope

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Eastcolight Galaxy Tracker Telescope For Kids Wide Angle HD Astronomy Telescope:

[Super sharp images] - The telescope employs aspherical lenses to reduce image aberration often found in conventional spherical lens elements, producing a sharp and less distorted image from the center to the edge of the field of view.
[Wide angle view] - Wide angle eyepieces offer a larger view of the sky while still retaining the same magnification, giving a greater area of sky coverage.
[Viewing through smartphone adapter] - Attach you smartphone to the adapter, using STAR WALK 2 (a stargazing smartphone software application for iOS and Android), and with the finderscope, helps you find any identify the celestial objects easily.
[Power Strength: Selecting The Eye Lens] - Power means the ability of telescope to increase an image, orappear to bring the image closer to the viewer. eBay

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  • Description#32025: Easy to set up:
    - Spread tripod legs, fastened all locks to hold legs securely in place, temporarily remove the knob bolt.
    - Put the telescope on the tripod, re-install and tighten the knob bolt.
    - Insert diagonal mirror into focusing tube. Secure by tightening the small retaining screw. Install the soft eyepiece cap over the eyepiece if needed. Insert eyepiece into diagonal mirror. Secure by tightening the small retaining screw.
    - Remove the diagonal mirror and insert the Barlow lens into the focusing tube. Then the eyepiece can be inserted into the Barlow lens. If needed, diagonal mirror should be installed between the Barlow lens and the focusing tube.
    Easy to clean:
    - The Objective Lens: It must be cleaned with care and as seldom as possible to avoid affecting its precision and performance. Must never take the lenses out of their mount.
    - Cleaning The Lens: Clean the lens only when it is required. Remove the dust with a camelhair brush or an ear-type syringe. Set few drops of ether or isopropyl alcohol on a piece of clean cotton that has been washed several times and wipe the lenses very delicately, avoiding a circular motion. Blow any remaining lint or dust off with an ear-type syringe.
    - Sudden Temperature Changes: Avoid taking the telescope from cold outside air into a warm room. This will make the objective lens to be covered with condensed moisture, which must be removed at once. To do this, place the objective lens at a safe distance from heat source and let it warm slowly until the moisture has vanished.
    Technical Specifications:
    - Objective Diameter : 50 mm (1.97")
    - Focal Length : 700 mm
    - Eyepiece Diameter : 1.25" (31.7mm)
    - Eyepieces Focal Length : 20 mm, 10 mm, 4 mm
    - Barlow Lens : 3 X
    - Maximum Magnification : 105X / 210X / 525X
    - Power: 35X / 70X / 175X
    - Accessories : Smartphone Adapter, Diagonal Mirror, Finderscope, 3X Barlow Lens, 115cm Extendable Aluminium TripodDelivery & ReturnsDelivery & Returns
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