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NASA Telescope Pyrex Mirror Blanks For Sale

NASA Telescope Pyrex Mirror Blanks

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NASA Telescope Pyrex Mirror Blanks:

Rare! 10 inch and 12 inch Pyrex Mirror Blanks from NASAMade by United Lens for NASAThis listing is for a Vintage Pyrex telescope Mirror Blank made specially for NASA by United Lens Company. It came from Marshall Space Flight Center, and is still in the original box. It is made from Corning Pyrex, an Ultra Low Expansion Substrate *aka* Glass. The blank is clear and has no discernable chips or scratches. One side is pre-beveled, about 2mms around the edge. It is ready to be ground down to your specifications for a telescope mirror, and then you can get it coated and it'll be ready.
Blanks have been Precision Annealed at the Factory2 SIZES ARE AVAILABLE:
10" x 2" inches or 12 1/2 x 2 1/8" inches
Not all blanks are exactly the same, all are in same condition, some may not ship with original packaging. Item will be similar to ones pictured in the listing.
Shipping InfoWill ship via UPS ground, insured with tracking. The Glass weights around 21 lbs by itselfTerms of PurchaseAll Sales final and no returns. If item is damaged in shipping documenting the packaging and item damage is a must. All items are shipped with full coverage. No international sales or shipping. Must be a US citizen for purchase due to ITAR restrictions on some Govt Surplus Property.
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