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The Super Planisphere Constellation Finder For Sale

The Super Planisphere Constellation Finder
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The Super Planisphere Constellation Finder:

The Super Planisphere

Using a simple three-digit code, the Super Planisphere takes the pain out offindingconstellations and starsin the night sky.As a young boy, I used a traditional planisphere to learn theconstellations, and it wasn\'t easy. It took many, many observing sessions for meto finally get a good grasp on the night sky. Many years later, my astronomy studentsat Fort Lewis College were experiencing thesame problems I had in trying to learn the constellations using a traditional planisphere. I thought that there had to be a better way to do this, and that is what inspired me to come up with the concept of the Super Planisphere and patent it.

Super Planisphere vs. Traditional Planisphere

The Super Planisphere is a huge improvement over the traditional planisphere. Traditional planispheres have been in existence for hundreds of years, but while they can be helpful to the experienced astronomer, they are very difficult for the beginner to use. There are three main reasons for this.

Traditional Planisphere Problem # 1

Traditional planispheres use a single four-inch diameterconstellationmapto represent the entire dome of the nightsky above you. Because all of the visible constellations are on one map, they are very small andare hard to relate to the actual night sky.

Super Planisphere Solution

The Super Planisphereuses 20 large ten-inch diameter constellationmaps. Since only a fewconstellations are on eachmap, they are much larger than on a traditional planisphere map, and theymore closely match the apparent size of the actual constellations in the sky. This makes it much easier to relate the map to the night sky.

_ _ _ _

Traditional PlanisphereProblem #2

Another consequence of having the entire night sky represented on the one small constellation map of a traditional planisphere is that some constellations are extremely distorted. The closer you get to the edge of the map, the more stretched and distorted the constellations become, making many of them unrecognizable.

Super Planisphere Solution

The Super Planisphereconstellation maps have very little distortion. Since each mapcovers only a small portion of the sky, the constellations on the maps are much larger and moreaccurately depict the actual constellations in the sky.

_ _ _ _

Traditional PlanisphereProblem #3

To use a traditional planisphere, you hold it above your head which blocks a significant part of the sky. Then you have to rotate it until it points north. Next comes the difficult task of relating the small constellation map over your head to the entire dome of the night sky from horizon to horizon.

Super PlanisphereSolution

Using the Super Planisphereconstellationmaps is easy. Follow the simplethree-step procedure, and you will end up holding the map just below the line of sight to the actual constellations in the sky.

_ _ _ _

Traditional PlanisphereProblem #4

The traditional planisphere can be used by only one observer at a time.

Super PlanisphereSolution

The Super Planispherecomes with a Ground Compass which allows multiple observers to use it at the same time. This is ideal for family or group

The end result of these improvements is that you will be able to find more constellations in just a few observing sessionsusing the Super Planisphere than you would using a traditional planisphere for months.

Super Planisphere Features

1. The Super Planisphere Calculating Wheel - provides the three-digit code for all 20 constellation maps.

2. Twenty Constellation Maps - large 10-inch diameter maps display and name 56 constellations, 66 of the brightest stars and 33 deep-sky objects.

3. What\'s Up Now Window - tells you what objects are visible in the night sky while you are observing.

4. Built-in Adjustable Compass - rotating scale allows precise adjustment for your location.

5. Ground Compass - allows multiple constellation maps to be used at the same time in family or group observing situations.

6. Instruction Manual - detailed step-by-step instructions for using the Super Planisphere.

_ _ _ _ _ _

The Super Planisphere may look intimidating, but it is really quite easy to use. After you\'ve gone through the three-step process a few times, it will become automatic, and you\'ll be finding constellations on your very first night. If you are willing to spend some time outside under the stars, the Super Planisphere can be your guide to learning the constellations---an important first step to understanding the wonders of the night sky.

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